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I wrote this article originally for then copied onto here ‘cos I could

This article isn’t about Newcastle United.  However the subject of this article affects Newcastle United.  And You.  And Sunderland.  And in fact all English league clubs and supporters.

Some of you who have read the title of this article will have already figured out what it is going to be about.  I write it today because it is significant for two reasons.  The first being that Germany are impressing greatly at the World Cup and saw off Argentina on Saturday to book their place in yet another semi final.  Secondly, the fixture list for the Budesliga is out this morning.  And the Bundesliga is something that interests me greatly. Read the rest of this entry


A Look Back…

Rooney sees red against Portugal in 2006

A Look Back….

First of all the World Cup Challenge is available to download now at the bottom of this post.  Please fill it in and print out a copy for me or email it back to me at once you have made your selections.  (We’ll sort the £5 entry out later)  So far I have 23 names down to take part so a prize fund of £115 and that will keep growing.  Should easily have over 30 people by the time the World Cup kicks off on June 11th.

As you’ll see there are a few predictions where you will need to take an educated guess in order to stand a chance of getting any points.  So this post is a look back at previous World Cups in order to give a bit of guidance. Read the rest of this entry

World Cup 2010 Challenge

World Cup 2010 Challenge

With less than 50 days until the start of the World Cup in South Africa the excitment is already starting to grow.  At least it is in my household anyway what with Newcastle’s speedy return to the Premier League now secured and celebrated! Read the rest of this entry