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5 days and counting…..

Who can believe it? Me, Ian Smith, has not had a single drop of chocolate for five days! FIVE DAYS!! Read the rest of this entry


Days 2+3: Help!!! Is drinking Ribena cheating?

There wasn’t really much to report yesterday (day 2).  I went to work.  Drank lots of water. Didn’t eat any chocolate.  Then went to sleep.  Easy. Read the rest of this entry

Day 1- Piece of Cake!

I realise that at the time of writing there are still just under 4 hours of today left.

However the no chocolate no fizzy pop challenge has been remarkably easy so far.  What’s one day in the grand scheme of things, anyway?  It would have been disgraceful had I failed mere hours into a 40 day challenege. Read the rest of this entry