World Cup 2010 Challenge

World Cup 2010 Challenge

With less than 50 days until the start of the World Cup in South Africa the excitment is already starting to grow.  At least it is in my household anyway what with Newcastle’s speedy return to the Premier League now secured and celebrated!

For this years World Cup I have put together a predictions challenge that should add a bit of extra excitement to this years proceedings.  And what’s more you could win some money as well.  Unlike sweepstakes, where only five or six people stand a realistic chance of winning anyone could win the World Cup Challenege.  You don’t even need to be an expert when it comes to football (God knows I’m not!)  and it’s a ll a bit of fun.

The idea is everyone who wants to take part pays £5 and all the money from all the entrants is pooled and the people who end up with the top 3 scores when the World Cup is over will win a split of the money.  There will be a list of things you have to predict, for example ‘Who will score England’s 1st goal?’ and ‘How many goals will there be in the World Cup’.  Each prediction is worth some points and I’ll be keeping track of the scores.

The idea is that the winner will take 50% of the pot.  Second place will get 30% of the cash and 3rd place will get 20%.  So if 30 people enter then the winner will get £75, second place will get £45 and third place will get £30.

And throughout the tournament I’ll be updating this blog as the results will only come though in stages, from the very first match right through until the final.

If you want to take part then let me know either in the message box below, on my facebook or my twitter. (

I will put a downloadable version of the World Cup Challenge up sometime during May.


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  1. You haven’t posted for ages – welcome back!! Great ideas by the way…

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