Day 1 – The Journey

As I write this it is half past midnight.  We have an early start tomorrow, we have to be out of Lille by 8am.

As you probably know my day started at 3.30am and involved me driving to York to meet Rich then drive straight to Barnet to pick up Tom and Adam.  The car was running well all the way down the country with only a few of the Wally posters coming unstuck.  Once we got to Barnet the four of us re-glued the posters and were away by 8.30.

Tom got the opportunity to drive the car for the first time and he did well.  He only nearly killed us once, when in a slight panic leaving the M25 for the M20 he cut up a guy quite badly.  Said guy showed Tom exactly what he thought of him with a less than friendly hand gesture!

Anyway we got to Dover pretty early and were able to catch an earlier ferry.  We also managed to meet some of the other teams for the first time as well.  As we were waiting me and Adam nipped off for a quick toilet break.  As we were walking back to the car we just saw Tom and Rich waving to us as they boarded the boat!  Thankfully thge nice man from Sea France let us walk on.

As me and Adam walked on the ferry we saw A LOT of oil on the floor. Turns out that one of the teams had hit their sump when boarding the ferry and completely knackered their sump.  We spent two hours in Calais helping them fix their car.  Well we stood by and offered moral support at least.

After we had done enough standing and watching we decided to make our way to Lille.  A simple journey of about an hour.  However we ended up in Belgium!  A quick U turn by Adam on a busy A road saw us back on track and we got to Lille in good time.

Howevere we then spent abouyt an hour driving around looking for the bar where we had to register for the rally.  Eventually after speaking with some helpful shop assistants we found the bar registered and had a nice cold beer!

Only to repeat the driving round lost thing again when trying to find our hotel.  After an hour of sweating in the car round Lille we decided to find it by foot.  Which we did after a phoine call back to my Dad who had google maps open to tell us we were in the right area!!!

It was only after having a nice shower and a wander to a restaurant for a burger and a litre of water each (I cannot tell you how hot it is here even now at 1am its boiling) that we all realised what a truley stunning city Lille is.  Some of the architecture is amazing and is somwhere that I think Id return to (after all i know my way around well now!!!).

So tomorrow sees us embark on our journey through five countries, France, Belgium (though we’ve been there already!!!) Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland.  We have to be up in five hours so I think i’d best get some sleep!

Hopefully I’ll be able to blog from Switzerland tomorrow!



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  1. Andrew smith

    Sounds like you are all having fun. Don’t be afraid to call if you need to use my iPhone and it’s brilliant gps! Not sure how you miss a major French city and end up in Belgium!?! Have fun and I hope today goes well. Stay safe Wallys!

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