An embarrassing Dad + Less than 24 hours to go!

So I’m now within 24 hours of departure for the Wacky Rally.

Naturally I have a shift at work to complete first of course.  I mean who doesn’t want to be at work a few hours before they set off on holiday?

This morning once I’d dropped the family off at school I headed straight for university in ordeer to print out all the hostel and travel confirmation I was telling you about yeterday.  Of course I picked the only day when the university has decided to upgrade the student printing system and therefore thought I wouldn’t be able to print anything I needed.

Fortunately as it turned out there was one printer in the library that was working and so managed to print everything out.

I’m still awaiting my Where’s Wally hat though.  Today is D-Day for the red and white knitted bobble hat.  If it doesn’t land on my doorstep today I’m afraid I’ll be going hatless.  This may be a blessing though.  I mean let’s be honest we’re heading off to the South of France and Spain in July, during a heatwave.  Are wooly hats really the order of the day?  Probably not,  but then neither are heated seats in the car and we have those, anyone would think we were heading to Siberia not the Meditteranean.

Last night I took Ellie out in the Where’s Wally car.  I thought it would be exciting for her to have a ride in the amazing Where’s Wally themed car.

I mean surely any seven year old would find that a real adventure.  I imagined she’d be in school bragging to all her pals about how she got to go in the Where’s Wally car!

So what was her response when I aksed if she had enjoyed going out in the car?

“It’s embarrassing”

Yes that’s right.  Me, Ian James Smith aged 25 and three quarters am officially and embarressment to my daughter.  I have reached proper father status!!!!

And didn’t Ange love the fact that our daughter doesn’t think I’m cool anymore!  However i think we al know that I am very cool!!!

Bless them both.  It’s going to be hard being away from them for a full week but this week should fly by so I’m sure I’ll be back with them soon enough.

The official Wacky Rally website now has the official blog up and running and the link is below.  On that blog you can leave our team a message (just like you can on here if you want).  I’ll also stick the links for our charity sites under this blog too.  Just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has sponsored us so far.

I hope at some point tomorrow to write my first blog from France, in Lille, before having a few beers and soaking up the sunshine! (The MS Society) (HELP4HEROES)


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