Degree Results and less than 48 hours to departure!!

Well it is now less than 48 hours until myself, Rich, Adam and Tom all depart on our epic quest across Europe. On the Wacky Rally we will be taking in seven countries; France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and not forgetting Luxembourg!

Obviously some of those countries it will be a case of driving through them for less than an hour but still on the first day of the rally we will be in five countries in one day before ending up in Switzerland for our first night of rally fun!

Last night I spent a good twenty minutes with Ange coming up with an extensive list of things I have to do before I leave as well as a list of things I have to pack.

Me being me and by my wifes admission “a bit of a girl” the list of things I will be taking is ridiculous for what is just a week away from home. However I cannot help it. I like my home comforts so five nights in Youth Hostels is going to be a challenge in itself, with communal bathrooms and paper thin matresses! Do they provide sheets? Who knows I guess it’s part of “the adventure”!

So seven days away, that to me means fourteen pairs of socks and boxers. Two a day, right? I think that after a minimum of five hours each day in a car, in excessive heat, with three other sweaty lads, (sorry guys but we’re gonna be in the South of France with no air con and heated seats) means that wanting to change when we arrive at the next destination is going to be a priority! I just hope the Youth Hostels have showers that work!

Apart from that there is an extensive list of things I have to print out to take with me. Ferry confirmation, Flight confirmation, Youth Hostel confirmation (x4), Youth Hostel directions (x4), Hotel confirmation, (that’s right we have one night of luxury on night two of the rally), Hotel directions, MOT certificate, Car log book, Insurance documents plus passport and drivers licence! That list there is pure pressure! Forget something off that and there is a chance we can’t even start the rally.

I guess that’s why I made a list though, right? So i don’t forget anything!

It is also fair to say that all four of us are on a massive high at the moment. Our degree results could not have come at a better time. The original idea of going on the Wacky Rally was to celebrate finishing university. And i feel we can actually do that properly now because on Monday morning we all recived our final results. Tom and Adam both got a 2:1 in Television Production and myslef and Rich both got a 1st in Media Production. So we’re all chuffed to bits.

Ange came up with a great idea last night. She said as there are five nights on the rally (including the night in Lille the day before the rally starts) we should all have one night each, where we get free drinks from the others as a way of celebrating. So for example night two in Switzerland could be Tom’s night and he won’t have to buy a drink all night. Night four in Arles could be my night. It could also be a challenge to see who can get the most free drinks from well wishers on the rally as well! (Not that we’re still free loading students you understand). When we do actually hit Barcelona (please God let us make it) for the final results party we can all just have one final celebration where we celebrate together!

It’s fair to say I’m pretty excited! Though stressing because neither of the two Wally hats i’ve bought from ebay has arrived yet!!! Arrrgghh!!

Anyway I think i’d best leave this blog for now as I have that list to attend to and I wouldn’t want to forget anything on it would I?!

Oh and we’re still open for sponsorship, the links are below along with our Wacky Rally and twitter links where you can follow our progress. (The MS Society) (HELP4HEROES) (I’m told that the offical Wacky rally blog will go live today)


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  1. love it that you’re back to blogging…looking forward to all the updates!

    • ianjamessmith

      Thanks Alice, I’ll be doing my best to get on everyday at some point for a blog on the rally.

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