5 days and counting…..

Who can believe it? Me, Ian Smith, has not had a single drop of chocolate for five days! FIVE DAYS!!

If you know me then you will know what a huge achievment that is for me.  No chocolate bars, chocolate biscuits, chocolate cake or even hot chocolate (and at work there is the nicest free hot chocolate as well!).  I’m seriously impressed with myself.

I have to say that day 4, again, was a struggle.  Saturdays at work are strange.  There are hardly any staff in, usually just three or four max.  Plus the job I’ve been doing means there is quite a bit of sitting around not doing much on a Saturday either.  I even went prepared though.  I had to be at work by 7am.  That means up at half 5 to get there on time.  Amazingly I had the foresight to take some bread with me to toast when I got there.  I took four slices as I was doing a seven hour shift with no real break.  Surely enough to see me through, right?

I had nothing else available to eat other than access to the vending machine.  Let me remind you what is in the vending machine; cans of pop, chocolate bars and crisps.  Of course the only thing I’m permitted to have by my own daft rules are the crisps.

Imagine my annoyance at myself when I somehow managed to burn two of the four slices of toast.   I was gutted. 50% just gone up in a (literal) cloud of smoke.  I mean who burns toast?  As my work collegue Neil said “Schoolboy error” before eating a KitKat!

I was really really hungry at work.  Really struggling.  So I kept myself busy by offering everyone in the building a cup of tea or coffee every half hour or so.  I mean it was ridiculous.  At first everyone was happy with me serving them tea but then I think after about the third cup they were annoyed at being asked.

Thankfully when I put in those four slices of bread I also put in a box of raisins, though I’d totally forgotten about them.  As I delivered Lisa, Neil and Georgina in the studio their umpteenth cup of tea/coffee I was moaning about my massive chocolate cravings.  Then Lisa said “You should bring some fruit in”.  And as soon as she said that it clicked in my head……I’d brought a box of raisins.

Now I don’t think anyone in the history of the world has ever been so excited, ever, about a box of raisins before…ever!  So I went and stuffed them down rather quickly and they were really good.  I think I’ll be going to buy a big box of raisins this week to see me through.

In all seriousness though I really am struggling with the chocolate thing.  I’m not missing fizzy drinks at all.  I’ve not been tempted by them.  We went to Pizza Hut on Friday evening and I had a Cranappleberry juice, (a blend of cranberry and apple juic apparently).  It was delicious.  Tody we had lunch at a pub and I had a J2O.  That’s all fine.

But chocolate is a different scenario.  I like sweet things and if I don’t get my fix then I really find it hard.

Last night we went around to our friends, Andrew and Dorcas’s.  Ellie played with Mimi and Rosa while the adults caught up on all sorts of nonsense.  Angela bought a gorgeous Lemon Drizzle Cake for us to take round.  I had two large slices and this gave me my sugar hit I was badly craving but crucially for this test of willpower it had no chocolate in it.

Anyway I’m still hanging in there right now and I’m hoping that after another few days I might lose the urge to want some chocolate.  Here’s hoping.

P.S – I’ve just remembered that in my previous blog I asked whether Ribena was an acceptable drink as my boss had argued it was equally as bad as coke or sprite.  Anyway Ribena is allowed which is great it makes my life a little less boring as I’ve drank so much water these last five days!


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