Days 2+3: Help!!! Is drinking Ribena cheating?

There wasn’t really much to report yesterday (day 2).  I went to work.  Drank lots of water. Didn’t eat any chocolate.  Then went to sleep.  Easy.

Day 3 however has been my hardest day so far.  I always knew that this particular moment would be tough for me.  I never go for three days without chocolate and it’s probably been a while since I went three days without a fizzy drink to.

To be honest going to work and sticking to this plan really hasn’t been that difficult so far.  When you’re sat with other people who know what you’re upto the temptation to go to the vending machine isn’t really there.  Although I must admit after talking to one collegue about chocolate for about ten minutes I was beginning to imagine eating some chocolate.  When I later walked past the vending machine the Wispas and the double Kit Kat Chunky’s looked unbelievably tempting.  However I refrained and stuck to my water.  No snacks at all today until I got home and had two jammy dodgers.

So at work I was discusing with my boss, Ben, what I was doing after I refused a jelly baby from Chris.  I told him I’d quit chocolate.  He asked why I refused a jelly baby as there is no chcocolate in a jelly baby.  My reply was this:

“If I ate that jelly baby then I’d feel like I was copping out.  I’m thinking of banning all sweets.”

My logic is that if I don’t ban all sweets then quitting chocolate isn’t going to be that hard.  Most of the chocolate I consume is in chocolate bar form and so I could happily replace chocolate bars with Fruit Pastilles, Haribo or Wine Gums.  By chance I haven’t ahd any of these anyway in the last three days so I feel it is right to add this to my challenege.  So officially I have a new rule:

All sweets are banned!!!!!

I think in the end Ben got my train of thought, however he made a shrewd observation that has been going through my mind ever since.  I had a bottle of Ribena for lunch, well with lunch.  Now his point was that there is really no difference between Coke, Sprite, Fanta and Ribena.  Ribena is just as bad for you and just as full of sugar as the other fizzy drinks.

To be horror I feel he may have a point.

But does he?

I need your advice.  I want to know whether Ribena should be banned as it’s just as sugary and bad as Coke and Sprite?

To make it slightly more confusing I have allowed certain fizzy drinks.  For example Boots do a healthy range of fizzy flavoured water which is fine.  It’s really the sugar element that is the issue here.

So I think I need to get a judgement on Ribena.  Whatever the majority goes with is what I will accept as my decision over Ribena.  It’s down to you whether my life gets even harder from this moment forwards.

Please leave a comment and I’ll report back tomorrow with the decision.  Until then Ribena is temporarily off limits but that could turn into a permenant rule.


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  1. Fair enough..and an excellent point about other forms of juice!

  2. Great blog and hope to have time soon to come back and read some more! xx

  3. thing is – you’re more likely to fail on your basic challenge of no choc or fizzy if you go too extreme on it. You still gotta drink and if you’re doing OK with just water and Ribena I reckon that’s OK. Would it be different if it was Tesco Blackcurrant squash you made yourself? The principle is that you are giving them up…you have to do your best to stick to giving up those 2 things…don’t make it harder for yourself than it needs to be…I admire you for giving up choc, I couldn’t do it!

  4. Normally Ribena is always acceptable, however I’m just wondering whether the no fizzy drink thing should really be no sugary drink thing?
    However I’ll put you down in the acceptable column.
    Cheers Ad

  5. Ribena is acceptable! More to the point when isn’t it acceptable????????

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