What a weekend – Coastival, Rollercoastival and Time With Friends!

Well what a weekend.

The last couple of weeks have been hectic to say the least.  Running the Radio Workshop in Scarborough Library meant that I had to go out and about interviewing lots of different people who were also running events and Coastival.  They were all really nice and to be an active part of such a great festival with these other people is a great feeling.

Anyway that wasn’t how I was feeling a week or two ago as I was so stressed out and trying to piece together the logistics of it all.  However by Friday evening I was ready to go, audio recorded, jingles ready and scripts written.  All that was left was to get myself and three friends, Tom, Rich and Adam down to the library by half eight on Saturday morning to set up. Easy!

That night when my friends came down, Dorcas who organised Rollercoastival, (a seperate childrens festival that run alongside Coastival) had kindly bought us all a free ticket to see Feeder at The Spa.  The five of us went along (Ange had a ticket to) and from that moment on proceeded to have one of the best weekends of my life.  No mean feat.

First of all I would like to personally thank the guy who was up in the seated balcony at The Spa Grand Hall who danced for the entire hour and ten minute set of Feeder.  It was hilarious.  When I say danced, think of your Dad wearing a shirt that is tucked into his chinos and swaying round from side to side whilst doing the odd spot of air guitar and you’ll be about there.  I promise that man kept the five of us entertained almost as much as Feeder did.  Thankyou for helping us get the weekend off to a flyer.

After Feeder and a few more beers we headed back to my house where Buzz was put on the Playstation 3 and played until 3am.  If you don’t know what Buzz is then basically it is a quiz.  each player has their own controller that has four different coloured buttons on and one big red “Buzz” button on top.  Every question that comes up has four possible answers and you press the button which you think is correct.  Basically the one left with the most points at the end is the winner. Whuch just so happened to be yours truley no less than FIVE times in a row.  In fact the score was this Ian 5 – Rich, Adam and Tom 0.  Adam kept wanting a rematch but I kept winning it was very funny.  I love funny nights like that.

Saturday saw us hungover and tired but at Scarborough Library ready for our podcasting sessions.  (You can hear the podcasts that the children made by following the link at the bottom of this article).  Over both days the children in general absolutely loved the sessions.  The same went for us running it as well.  It was so pleasing seeing the childrens faces, some of them beaming with excitment at what they had just done.  I really hope that some of them have opened their eyes to radio and realise what a great medium it is.

To top it off we were filmed twice and also had the local paper interviewing myself and the children.  This happened at most events across the Coastival weekend.  However our podcasting session made the front page of the Evening News.  A really big photo of my event that I had been planning for 10 months on the front of the paper!  How great, I mean they could have picked any of the 96 events that took place but it was our workshop that got the front page and I was quoted inside the paper as well.

A success?  Definitely!

Saturday night saw us hit the town for Valentines Day.  There was plenty more alcohol consumed and laughter to be had.  The highlights being Tom’s brief encounter with a woman who was nicknamed, by the rest of us, as Princess Fiona as well as my attepts to get my cat Scruffy into the house at 3am.  Rich and Adam were laughing at me as I tried to coax Scruffy into the house when the reality was I was scaring the cat more than anything ellse.  I did 2 laps of the garden as I chased him and got in a proper strop with Adam and Rich for laughing at me.  An over reaction and one that I don’t think they will ever let me live down!

Once my friends had returned home on Sunday evening Ange, Ellie and myself headed down to The Spa again to go to the Acoustic Lounge with Dorcas and Andrew.  We had some food as we were starving.  Then discovered the Acoustic Lounge was heaving and as we had the children with us we headed to the main hall where Wendy (who organised Coastival) gave us free tickets to see Baka Beyond.  They were billed as an African/Celtic group and were on the World Music part of the bill.

It was such a pefect way to end the weekend, with friends, watching some fairly chilled music as the kids danced until they passed out through exhaustion.

We went for an hour and stayed for four which I think sums up the weekend perfectly.


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  1. Managed to actually have a good read of the blog just now. I started laughing again about the silly things that happen, like the drinking game in blue lounge. No swearing, pointing or names!!

  2. Managed to actually have a good read of the blog just now. I started laughing again about the silly things that happenen, like the drinking game in blue lounge. No swearing, pointing or names!!

  3. Great write up. Such an awesome weekend. Do you have copies of the paper and interviews that they done with us all.

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